The why behind EVRYBODY

The why behind EVRYBODY


A note to introduce EVRYBODY. Hello, I’m Shay. The creator and founder of EVRYBODY. I'm a rural mum of 4 little ones, a theatre nurse just finished studying my postgraduate in anaesthetics and I live and work locally doing my best to keep all the balls in the air.  

This note though is about the tween/teen resource that I have been working hard on in this last year. For some context, my oldest daughter is 10 and as expected at an age where she is ready for more information about everything from her anatomy, periods, consent, body image and everything in-between. Once I started earnestly looking for the right resources for her, I realized I could not find exactly what I wanted to begin those big discussions. So, what followed is the ‘I truly created it myself at my dining table’ story for her.  

I've nursed in operating theatres for 15 years; I knew what I wanted her to know about her own body and so I started there. From the first resource I started listening to the conversations all around me and long story short my initial idea has bloomed into EVRYBODY resource packs. EVRYBODY is a beautifully branded thoughtful card pack aimed at tweens that introduces all the big topics – periods, penises, anatomy, consent, body image, correct terms and more. It’s a way of introducing these topics to kids that gives them an avenue to start conversations with someone they trust. EVRYBODY includes a PENIS pack & a PERIOD pack with plans to incorporate a birds/bees pack after launch.  

What truly sets EVRYBODY apart though is that the content is paired with anatomically correct hand drawn illustrations that show vulvas and penises in an age-appropriate way. There is no resource like this out there and EVRYBODY’s entire purpose is to show how real bodies look and that there should be no shame or embarrassment to being curious about how and why your body is changing.  

I hope you find the resource helps with those big conversations, Shay  

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